Friday, February 19, 2010

Toothpaste Update

We are super excited to be coming out with the first USDA certified organic toothpaste soon. We appreciate everyone's input and excitement. I thought I'd give you a little update on its release.

As we said in our newsletter last month, we pretty much have the formula figured out; it has just been a challenge trying to get the packaging done. A typical plastic toothpaste tube requires expensive production equipment to produce, so we've been looking at some alternative packaging options. I had tried an aluminum tube, but it has a number of problems. First, it was too small, second it was aluminum (which most of us are tsying to avoid) and third, it has a tendency to break down easily over time.

So, then I found what they call and airless pump. According to the supplier, it was supposed to be able to handle a high-viscosity product like our toothpaste. I waited for weeks for the samples to come in, and finally got my package. I whipped up a batch of toothpaste, put it in the pump, and....nope. It didn't work. The hole in the pump was just too small. So, back to square one. I was quite disappointed.

A week or so went by when I was struck with an exciting idea. One that I can't even share with you because it's so unique! I think I have now found a package that has a big enough opening to let the viscous product out, AND is eco-friendly, AND doesn't require any expensive equipment. I've requested my samples and am now just waiting again for them to come in. I should have them by the middle of the week (around the 24th). If it works, I am going to be so excited. We'll then be able to start designing the label and getting them in stock to sell. I'll keep you posted and let you know how this new packaging works!