Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How Bubble and Bee Was Born

Sometimes people ask us how we came up with the name Bubble and Bee. Have a minute? Here's the real story...

In the beginning right before we launched our products at the Farmer's Market, we were going to call ourselves Wild Life Organics. I had done my due dilligence and researched the name through the trademark office, Steve had created a bunch of designs for our labels, we started getting banners printed...then, two weeks before the Farmer's Market, we came to a screeching halt. I did a double-check with the trademark office and lo and behold there was somebody already using that name. I had missed it in my initial search! All of Steve's designs were gone out the window. All of our marketing materials were now garbage. I felt horrible because I had made such a stupid mistake. We had to hurry and come up with a completely new name, design--everything before the market began. We had a bunch of names we had come up with--trying to stay in the vein of Wild Life Organics, but they just weren't working. We were calling and e-mailing friends and family. I'm sure they were tired of hearing all the crazy names we were coming up with. Finally Steve came up with Bubble and Bee and it stuck. However, I wasn't quite sure of it all.

The new Bubble and Bee packaging he came up with was very fun and playful, but I wasn't sure that it was the right decision. I thought we had to be like the other organic body care products with photos of herbs and such. So, that first day at the Farmer's Market I was really biting my nails. This was the culmination of two and a half years of research and development and there was a lot at stake--not just financially but emotionally! We got there at 7 am (after staying up all through the night) and set up the booth and by 8 we were ready to go. For the first hour things were really slow (as they usually are at the market--but I didn't know that then) and I was ready to chew Steve out about how he had gone "too playful" with the packaging. But then all of the sudden the people came and the first thing out of everyone's mouth was "I looove your packaging!" and it's been that way every day since. Suffice it to say that I've been living on a steady diet of crow for about a year. I've grown quite accustomed to its taste.

It's been over a year since that fateful day when we launched this line---we've been so busy we even forgot to celebrate our one-year Bubble and Bee anniversary! We are truly grateful to every one of you who have helped support this organic endeavor since we started it. Thank you.