Sunday, May 4, 2008

Propylene Glycol

Just a quickie this week...

I found this interesting. Ater my last TV appearance on Studio 5, the station received a very interesting message that they forwarded on to me:

"Yesterday, during your segment with Bubble and Bee, I had to shake my head when you talked about how some shower body washes contain the chemical propylene glycol. Your guest stated that it is a "penetration enhancer" and that it will go directly to your blood stream. I'm an airline pilot, based out of SLC, and the de-icing fluid that all airlines use to remove snow, frost and ice from their aircraft is mix of heated propylene glycol and water. For us, the propylene glycol is listed as a hazardous material. If you get it on your skin and don't wash it off, it will irritate the skin, and you will get ill when it is absorbed. Thanks for bringing up the information about this chemical in body washes. Also, thanks for hosting an informative show." --John, UT

De-icing fluid! I couldn't believe it! So what's next? Adding anti-freeze to our bodywashes? Gasoline to our fingernail polish? Well, actually, yes. Ethylene glycol is a "sister" chemical to propylene glycol and is a main component of anti-freeze. It's used in over 50 personal care products, including bodywashes by Suave and Jason, as well as in shampoos by Dove. Tolulene is a known carcinogen and a component of gasoline. It's in over 60 kinds of fingernail polish.

The moral to the story: read your labels! Because you never know what crazy things they're going to sneak in there!

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks!

Anonymous said... was one of the first sites that alerted me to the potential danger and TRUTH about what propylene glycol actually is and how it is manufactured (and, as far as I can tell, one of the ONLY sites that provides accurate info about PG).

I came across this info during a time when I was looking to "clean up" my body care product collection and try more natural alternatives. And what perfect timing since a lot of "natural" body products (esp. deodorants) contain PG; upon learning about this ingredient, I made sure to steer clear of anything containing it. I've continued to shun any product containing PG and feel so much better for it.

Thank you for all of the unbiased, TRUTHFUL information you share with your readers that so many other "natural" companies work so hard to hide.