Friday, March 27, 2009

What I Use...Your Questions Answered

I get asked the question all the time: Stephanie, what do you use for (fill in the blank)? Well, in this blog post, I'm going to bare it all!

What I Use: Hair Care

Shampoo & Conditioner: I switch between using the Unscented All Over Bar followed by a vinegar rinse or our Peppermint & Tea Tree shampoo. This week I've actually used the Lemongrass & Rosemary shower gel on my hair and I'm getting some great results with it as well. I use just plain ole distilled white vinegar in my vinegar rinse. To make sure I don't get the oilies, I make sure to keep my water softener filled with the right level of salt.

Styling Aids: Stevie "B" uses more hairspray than I do! I personally hate the stuff and don't use anything on my hair. On days when I actually pay attention to how I look, I'll heat style with a curling or flat iron. In this photo I'm completely product-free. I just used a curl dryer. I dried my hair with a regular dryer about half way, and then when it was still damp, used the curl dryer. I'll also let you in on a little secret--you can use our lotion stick to tame flyaways and dry ends. Just rub some on your fingers and then rub on hair!

What I Use: Makeup

Mascara: I'm currently using the dark brown mascara from Real Purity.

Eyeshadow: I'm using a brand that's made locally here in Utah called Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques. She has this great cream eyeshadow that's fun to put on and has great staying power. Plus it's as chemical-free as you can get with a mineral makeup.

Foundation: When I feel like I need a liquid foundation I use Physician's Formula Organic Wear. I just picked it up in a pinch at my local grocery store. I don't think I'll be buying it again because it feels really heavy on my face and seems to clog my pores. But then again, I don't like wearing much makeup anyways.

Loose Powder: Most of the time I'll skip the foundation and just use this. I'm currently using the powder from Physician's Formula Organic Wear, although when I run out I'm going to get Lauren Brooke's. I ordered a sample and liked it a lot.

Eyeliner: I'm using the dark brown eyeliner from Real Purity. It's a softer formula, so you have to be really gentle with it. But I like it pretty well.

Nail Polish: Honeybee Garden's Water Colors. These chip very easily and you have to let it cure overnight. The trick is right before bed to apply one very light coat, let it dry, and then apply another light coat. Let it dry and then go to bed. Otherwise you'll pretty much chip it immediately. I ordered a darker mauve color and a light pink. I prefer the light pink because it doesn't seem to chip as easily and the chips don't show as bad.

What I Use: Toothpaste

This is my deep dark secret--the one product I haven't gone organic on! All the health food store brands still contain SLS (hello Tom's of Maine!) I currently use Biotene because at least it's SLS Free.

I did try A Wild Soap Bar's tooth soap--it was interesting and kinda fun. I would recommend it if you want something completely chemical-free.

What I Use: Facial Care

Face Cleanser: I just use our soap! In the summer I like the Oatmeal Spice or the Orange Peel. In the Winter when my skin's a little drier, I use the Unscented All-Over Bar because it has added rosehip seed, jojoba and sunflower oils.

Toner: Every once in a while if I feel like I need a toner, I'll use a little diluted Apple Cider Vinegar.

Moisturizer: I use a face cream of my own invention. I have a little batch of it made up if you want to try it. Click here to order a pre-release sample!

Anti-Acne Treatment: 2 Tablespoons of FlaxPro Flax Seeds every day!

What I Use: Sunscreen

A hat. ;-)

What I Use: Lip Balm

I go back and forth between all of our flavors. I seem to be gravitating towards the Karma Apple lately, which is weird because it was never my favorite, but now it is!

What I Use: Hand Lotion

I go back and forth between the Sunflower Lotion Stick and the Coconut Lime Lotion Stick:

What I Use: In the Shower

My favorite is the Organic Orange Peel Soap. I'll rotate between that and the Lime Shower Gel. for some reason I like having both the bar and the gel.

What I use: For handwashing

Right now I'm using the Red Raspberry Jam Heart Soap we made for Valentine's Day. We tested a few bars before we launched the product--they've lasted so long they're still at the sink more than a month later!

Have more questions? Need more recommendations? Comment below and I'll do my best!


Kate Buhler said...

I recently bought Tom's toothpaste. I was so disappointed when I got it home and read it had SLS in it! Another lesson in 'READ THE LABEL'.
Thank you for your work, your products, and most of all, caring about the health of your customers. :)

Jessica Waters said...

a couple of suggestions:

I use coconut oil for moisturizer and body lotion. I just use it right out of the jar and it is heavenly!

I also wanted to let you know that I LOVE the new liquid shampoo, we had been using the shampoo bar and enjoying it, but it feels less stressful to just take a small squirt out of the bottle and use it the 'old fashioned' way. Thanks for making that! It smells great, too.

Also, for a GREAT non-chemical tooth cleaning solution, my husband LOVES the orange flavored tooth soap (it is literally SOAP pieces!) from Dr. Ben Kim. It's about $20 and it lasted him about 6 months. He wouldn't use anything else now. Easy to travel with, too.

Unknown said...

Hello Stephanie! I wish I looked that great product-free :) I'm really trying to be more conscious of my body/beauty products. I do love your Unscented Body Shower Gel, and I just ordered the Body Butta (otherwise I use something that has NO SLS or PARABENS). In a pinch (between orders from B&B), I will use Indigo Wild Soap. I usually don't use mascara because I have sensitive eyes, and my blush is a leftover from Origins, or I use a Lip/Cheek tint I got on My lip gloss is Alba Terra Gloss in Kona, and your Root Beer lip balm underneath. Have you ever tried the Spry toothpaste? I don't think it has SLS or any other chemicals. I switched myself & my daughter to it, and I really LIKE IT! I'll have to try the websites you suggested for other options in natural cosmetics :)

Do you have any suggestions for a "lumpy bumpy" face (very occasionally I'll get acne) and what to wash your face with? Also, does vinegar work on dry, brittle hair? Thanks~~~Tame

Melissa Whitman said...

Hi Stephanie! I just wanted to let you know what I have been using as an alternative to chemical toothpaste. I use what is called tooth soap, and I made it from your mint tea soap bar! First, you cut up a half a bar of soap into as small pieces as you can.(you can use any natural soap that you don't mind putting in your mouth, and if you use a harder soap you can grate it instead of cutting it) Then you take 6-8 calcium carbonate tablets(I use tums in a mint flavor) and crush them up into a powder. Put the soap and crushed tablets in glass container, stir well. Then add 1/2 to 1tsp sea salt, 1/4-1/2tsp pure peppermint extract, and 1tsp of aluminum free baking soda. That's it, you just use a very small amount and try not to get it on your tongue or swallow(not cuz it's toxic, just cuz soap makes your throat feel funny!) Rinse 2-3 times. I have been using this for over a year and my teeth feel very clean. I also have not had any cavities. My dentist doesn't approve, because it has no fluoride, but I won't use that horrible poison in my mouth anyway.(needless to say, i do NOT agree with my dentist's opinions about that). Also, you can get a tooth powder from they also have mouth rinses to go with it. they come in clove, peppermint, spearmint and anise flavors, my mom loves the clove.

Also, I have recently started using the lavender shower gel for shampoo, followed by a vinegar rinse, and it works great! And did you know that rosemary is supposed to stimulate hair growth, so all of you out there with thinning hair should try something with rosemary in it!

Thank you for providing us with such wonderful products that I don't know how I ever lived without!!!

Izzy said...

I've been using Tom's of Maine SLS-free toothpaste for a while now. Don't know if it's available in your area, but they definitely make it.

Can't wait to see B&B upcoming products!

Arielle Greenberg Bywater said...

I have made my own toothpaste in the past and it came out really well: glycerin and baking powder and a little salt and some natural peppermint or other essential oil mushed into a paste. I really liked it but then got lazy and am using various "natural" toothpastes which I'm sure are not perfect lately...but this motivates me to make my toothpaste again! The only problem with making your own toothpaste is I have no idea how to get empty toothpaste tubes, and it's not SO hygenic to dip your toothbrush into a little container. If you do use a little container, don't share with anyone--everyone needs their own or bacteria will occur!

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion but I like the cosmetics by this company:


Anonymous said...

Hi! Stephanie

Thanks for sharing with us. I’m so glad that you’ll be getting your USDA organic seal soon.

I wish to know what makeup remover you use to remove the loose powder.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Stephanie

Thanks for sharing with us. I’m so glad that you’ll be getting your USDA organic seal soon.

I wish to know what makeup remover you use to remove the loose powder.


KarenLana said...

Hi Stephanie,

I like Real Purity mascara and eyeshadow too. You can add water to the shadow and use as an eyeliner.

I'm using toothpaste from that's SLS and Flouride free. I found it at the health food store.

Stephanie Greenwood said...

UPDATE: Been using Weleda's toothpaste...has a pretty good ingredients list, but I feel like it doesn't clean my teeth that well, especially in the crevaces and hard to reach places. Going to keep searching...I have tried the tooth soap before---kind of a fun concept. Might end up doing something like that in the future.

Jo said...

Just curious.. how many parts of water do u use to dilute the Apple Cider Vinegar??

Anonymous said...

Try Xyliwhite Toothpaste. You can get it at or lots of other places on the web. I buy it for my daughters b/c it has no SLS or flouride!

Anonymous said...

Hello Stephanie

Firstly I have to say I came across this website: bubble bee by chance  and I haven’t as of yet ordered any of your products however, I can’t wait to place my first order on pay day am going to be so skint. lol I have to say I am thrilled to find on your website a natural organic moisturing cream for my 20 month old daughter. Also I was planning on ordering your face cream for myself however, I was unsure as I have a very oily t-zone and I attend to get blackheads very easily do you feel this product will be fine for me to use?

Now I hope this doesn’t sound cheeky, but I don’t know who else to ask and reading other customers questions and your brilliantly responses, I was hoping you could shine a little light on my quest! See I want to create my own cream for my stretch marks on my stomach! Now I know you can’t get rid of stretch marks once they have occurred which I have come to terms with nevertheless, I still want to try and improve them hopefully dramatically so one day I can feel comfortable in my own skin.

Am trying to find natural pure organic products such as:


Vitamin A Palmitate

Aloe Vera Extra

Grapefruit oil


Rosehip oil

Are all these ingredients organic and can I get them am so confused?

I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction in terms of where I could purchase these products above please, as very new with this and am a little scared as there so many websites offering these products and am unsure who to trust. Also the products I have chosen are they suitable for what I want to achieve or is they something else you would suggest to use please. Just to add I am also planning ordering your sheer body lotion for rest of my body. No worries if you can’t help and thank for taking the time to read this.

Victoria x

Stephanie Greenwood said...

Hi Victora--I'll be happy to help.

Raw Shea (not sheer) butter is very helpful in healing skin. You can find this in an organic version.

Vitamin A Palmitate is a synthetic Vitamin A. It can be helpful to skin, but it can also have some side effects. It is not available in organic form and I would not suggest using it.

Aloe Vera can be helpful for skin; just look out for preservatives and other additives. Usually aloe is preserved or thickened with chemicals, so be sure to read your labels. It is available in certified organic form.

Grapefruit oil probably refers to grapefruit essential oil. It is available in organic form, although I would use it with caution. Any essential oil should be diluted properly (at less than 1% with this). Also, grapefruit essential oil can contain bergapten, which can cause increased sunburn when exposed to sunlight. So, use caution with this.

DL Pentenol--i think you mean Panthenol--is vitamin B5. It can be a humectant, emollient and moisturizer. It is considered to be synthetic and is not available in organic form. It can be irritating, so if you use it, use it also at less than 1% concentration.

Rosehip oil is wonderful at healing, is organic, and can be used at full strength.

One good source for ingredients is Mountain Rose Herbs.

I hope that helps!

Unknown said...

Hi Stephanie, I was just wondering if you have any recommendations for a mouthwash?