Friday, October 5, 2012

My Recommendations Part 5: Men's Care

Men's Care

Hey guys!  We didn't forget you!  Here are our top picks for products for you!

Shaving Cream
Dr. Bronner's Shaving Gel
Wow, a certified organic option!

Bubble & Bee Organic Bar Soaps
Our soaps work great for shaving!  Create a rich lather, apply and shave! You can pair it with a bristle shaving brush and create some crazy-good lather! The extra vegetable glycerin in our soaps give a nice glide for a clean, close shave.

Miessence After Shave Balm

Weleda After Shave Balm

One of our most frequently asked questions is "what deodorant works best for men?"  Well, first of all, we have to say that there's no one deodorant that works for a particular gender, as it's completely dependent upon body chemistry.  However, we can give you some recommendations for scents that are more masculine, and methods of application that are best suited for men.

Super Spray
This lovely blend of lemon, clove and patchouli is effective and smells great.  We recommend the spray because it gives great coverage over the hair and down to the skin.

Spearmint & Tea Tree Pit Putty
Fresh and minty, this one works great for guys.  With added baking soda for odor protection, and arrowroot powder to help absorb sweat.

Truly Herbal Stick
The first formula we ever made.  It worked then, and works now!  Guys like the ease of application and it's a blend that works well.  (Do note that over-application can stain light clothing.)

Body Spray, Cologne

Make a blend of your own with our Design-a-Spray

Recommended blends:

Spruce--Tea Tree--Spearmint




Lime--Tea Tree

Styling Gel

Intelligent Nutrients Styling Gel

Face Cream

Bubble & Bee Organic Men's Face Cream
A little goes a long way!  Apply lightly to a clean face.

Hand Cream

Bubble & Bee Organic Chai Guy Lotion Stick

Bubble & Bee Organic Unscented Lotion Stick

Body Wash

Bubble & Bee Organic Lemongrass Rosemary Shower Gel

Bar Soaps
Bubble & Bee Organic Mint Tea Soap

Bubble & Bee Organic Lemongrass Ginger Soap

Bubble & Bee Organic Unscented All Over Bar

Tough Guy Hand Scrubbing

Do you work in the garage or yard and get grease and dirt on your hands? A great way to get your hands seriously clean again is to use our salt scrubs!  The Peppermint Vanilla seems to be a favorite for this.
Bubble & Bee Organic Peppermint Vanilla Salt Scrub


Anonymous said...

Is the mens face cream same as ladies just diff pkg?

Thanks, susan

Stephanie Greenwood said...

Yep! Same product, just different packaging.