Saturday, December 26, 2015

Looking Back at 2015

We've been busy little bees over the last year! We wanted to take a look back at what we've done over the last year and put together a few highlights in case you've missed them or you're a new follower.

January--We chimed in on why the FDA crackdown on essential oil companies was actually a good thing, and questioned a dubious ingredients list of a popular "natural" cleaning product.

February--We exposed a children's bubble bath with a mysterious ingredients list and launched our hugely popular Almond Coconut Pit Putty Deodorants.

March--We noted how an antioxidant facial care product could actually be damaging your skin and launched another amazing Pit Putty Scent--Spring Lilac!

April--We introduced Spring Lilac Body Butter and started talking requests for deodorants for sensitive skin. We also exposed how their could be nanoparticles in your non-nano sunblock.

May--We exposed a natural-sounding ingredient for containing not-so-natural ingredients and talked about foods for protecting your skin from the inside out.

June--We introduced our first test batch of new "sensitive skin" deodorants.

July--We added Orange Vanilla to our options of "sensitive skin" deodorants.

August--We talked about the science behind the practice of oil pulling, and detailed 5 natural remedies for hair loss.

September marked the return of seasonal soap scents and Baked Apple Spice Salt Scrub.

October we took on some "experts" about breast cancer and aluminum.

November was our biggest month in Bubble & Bee history with our annual Big Sale and Black
Friday/Cyber Monday Sale. We also hosted a $200 Sweepstakes and spread the "buzz" about Bubble & Bee.

December--We introduced three new products for the season, talked about a hair loss controversy, and added Almond Coconut to our options of "sensitive skin" deodorants.

Hey, we've done a lotta stuff over the last year! We have some exciting things we've been working on behind the scenes over the last year that we'll be rolling out in 2016. We thank everyone for following us in 2015--make sure you're signed up for our email updates so you can be first to know about new products and information.


John said...

Yay! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,

I was wondering if you've heard of the Nature Clean household brand and what you think of the ingredients. The presonal care doesn't meet my standards, but I was wondering about the household cleaners. Here is the link, if you have time.

Thanks for your lovely products, and for making them so approachable and affordable!!


Stephanie Greenwood said...

Thanks for your support, Rachel!

Regarding the Nature Clean, it looks like it varies from product to product. The liquid soaps look good.