Monday, August 25, 2014

USDA Organic vs. "Therapeutic-Grade" Essential Oils

Every once in a while I'll get an e-mail asking which brand of essential oils we use in our products and if they're "therapeutic-grade." Because we're a USDA certified organic manufacturer, we have to use (and choose to) use oils that are not just "therapeutic-grade" but USDA certified organic, which is actually a much higher standard.

A higher standard? Even than Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade? How can this be? 

Let me explain...

Now, before anyone gets upset: I'm not saying or implying that any brand is "bad" or "unpure" or unethical. The point of this article is to state that as a standard, USDA certification is a stronger set of regulations than "therapeutic-grade." "Therapeutic-grade" is not a published set of regulations that are independently inspected and verified. It's a standard created internally by a company and is basically whatever a company says it is. It's more of a trademark term than a certification.

I don't sell or tout any one particular brand of essential oils; there are many great options out there. BUT when you choose certified organic you can be sure that not only are you choosing the highest standard, but not contributing to the use of synthetic herbicides like roundup (which is becoming persistent in our environment and increases cancer risk) pesticides (like neonicotinoids that are killing bees).


Anonymous said...

Love that you aren't afraid to tell the truth. Yes, some may be offended. But truth is truth, whether you like it or not

Unknown said...

You are always so honest in your posts and I admire you for that! keep it up hun

Jennos Health.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that "certified pure therapeutic grade" is a self-described term the company gave itself. It is a marketing term to build trust. (The brand touting this qualification IS my preferred brand.)

Anonymous said...

The USDA Organic label is filled with corruption and deception as well. Google "Organic Spies" and take a glance at some of their work.

It's sad when money and greed coincide.

Stephanie Greenwood said...

I totally appreciate your skepticism and the information you've shared. A couple points to make in response to your video link. First of all, this video is in regards to the Organic Trade Association, and not related to USDA Organic Standards. The OTA is an independent lobbyist organization, and doesn't have any control over organic standards or have anything to do with the National Organic Program. Are there corporations that have their hands in both camps, trying to make money off organics but on the other hand lobbying against labeling GMOs? For sure. But, the organic products they sell still have to be grown and produced under the same strict standards, no matter who owns the company.

Second, this is a video from 2011 and most of the people they're talking about are no longer associated with the OTA.

Third--no wonder the OTA never sat well with me. :)